Day One Hundred Eleven | Pavement
May 19, 2009, 10:23 am
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Day One Hundred Eleven | Pavement

Originally uploaded by ASurroca.

The list is still working out for me; in fact, I’m going back to using venerable web app Remember the Milk to keep my to-do list in sync with my Google Calendar and therefore always at the ready.

I (almost) finished the electrical/wiring portion of my kitchen remodel, and plan on doing the grout (finally) tomorrow. Turns out I didn’t have the tools needed for grouting on hand today. Before using a list, that would have meant forgetting about what needs to get done and wasting away the day; today, I just moved on to the next item on my list without issue.

I also got a call from the guy who’s been supplying me with subcontracting work promising payment soon. I’ll keep working with him, because possible money is better than no money, but I’m going to focus most of my efforts on the portfolio and hitting the pavement.


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